Improve the Efficiency and Power in Vans with Solar Panels

Solar Panels help drivers and craftmen, to avoid delays with the electrical equipment in modern vans. The panel improves the efficiency of the lift or to 220 V power-using tools.

Save Power with Solarvan Panels

Solarvan ensures there is always power in the van and supplies the 220V power to the craftsman's machines

– with roof mounted solar panels.

The new rules for idle driving in cities, hits the distribution companies hard. When idle no longer is permitted, charging of the main batteries and charging of the lift-tailgate along with other electrical equipment, will delay the entire charging from the generator and therefore it can not keep up the power.

At the same time, the Euro6 rules make the generator not run below 2500 RPM to reduce urban emissions. Drivers who has experienced problems not having enough power for the whole day, can now be helped with solar cells.

The system also helps to ensure that the van can supply 220 V to the craftsman’s machines.

Supply your battery with Solarvan Panels - and you will never run out of Power​

About us by Green Energy Scandinavia is the operational part of the Norwegian parent group Green Energy A/S. Its solutions are delivered to the whole transport sector all over the world, specializing in buses, trucks and vans.

Self-developed electronics and software along with CIGS technology solar cells are the foundation of the company’s operations.

System deliveries and assembly-course activities aimed at fleet owners and major installer companies are the company strength.