A different solution to a known problem

Many contractors have new Euro6 cars and preferably with automatic transmission. At the same time, they pull big loads on their trailer. Then comes the problem, if they use the car as it is constructed in its software, then the car drives at very high revs and does not shift up into high gear so it can pull hard.

Therefore, many choose to get the car manufacturer to change software so that they can pull hard especially on the highway where it is annoying to hear the high revs.

Unintentionally, the problem arises that a Euro6 car does not start the car’s generator to make power below 2500 rpm.

Therefore, it can be experienced that the car drives at, for example, 2100 rpm and 80 km/h, but the light for lack of power on the battery lights up on the instrument panel.

A different solution to a known problem

Adsbøll contractors have chosen to put a set of solar cells on the cars and at the same time they have got 220V – 3000W power outlets in their cars by buying the finished Plug and Play sets from www.mipv.pro.