About Solarvan.pro

With more than 25 years of experience within the field of solar power technology, we at Solarvan.pro are specialists when it comes to reaping the benefits of solar power.

Our story

A part of Group Green Energy

Solarvan.pro is a division of Group Green Energy, with a specific focus on Mobile Integrated PhotoVoltaics (MIPV), and we are industry leaders and the largest supplier of Mobile Integrated PhotoVoltaic solutions, also known as solar solutions for vehicles. We offer a wide range of high-efficiency solar solutions across industries and countries.

Our story is much more than just solar solutions. Our inventions and modern technology has been developed because of our passion, innovative drive and the optimistic belief that we can make the world a better and especially a greener place to be. It is a story about the respecting planet Earth and the people and cultures that coexist on it.

Our mission

A greener future trough reduced carbon emissions

The motivator for success is a greener future, and we are on a mission. We know the environmental situation won’t be changed in a days work, but we believe that we can make an impact. We exist because we believe in the mission of reducing carbon emissions. We do this trough our modern technological inventions, and we believe that teamwork across industries, people and cultures will make it happen.

Our vision

50 million by 2050

Our heritage stems from our Norwegian parent company Green Energy A/S, this heritage is also deeply rooted in Solarvan.pro’s DNA. 

In line with the UN’s Agenda 2030, Norway has dedicated itself to reducing carbon emissions – which is in line with the green agenda of Solarvan.pro

Our vision is “50 by 50”. A vision that in all it’s simplicity means we want to reach a carbon emission reduction of 50 million tons by 2050, which would neutralize Norway’s annual carbon emissions.