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MPPT Charge Controller


Simple and extremely efficient MPPT Charge Controller

A simple, beautiful design that packs all the punch you need. The design features extreme monitoring capabilities, is weatherproof, and with an output of up to 60A.

In other words, this MPPT Charge Controller is the perfect companion that ensures you get the most out of your solar panel set.


A perfect fit for our smaller solar panel sets, especially 110Wp and up to 380 Wp. 


If you want more than 380Wp solar panels, this one is best suited for the job.

Every solar panel set includes a suitable MPPT Charge Controller. 


Live monitoring

To ensure you’re in full control of your solar panel set, we have given some insights into the health of your system right on the charge controller. Our in-house developed app will give you even more control and monitoring capabilities.

Battery indicator
Load indicator
Error indicator
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30A & 60A

MPPT Charge Controller