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The FTR workshop offers professional service for commercial vehicles and vans. Now the service has gone green, with solar panels on their service van

Even if you’re new to the class, you can be a role model, like at Fahrzeugtechnik Rieger GmbH in Euskirchen. The company was founded in 2022 by Steffen Rieger, who wanted to create an offer for large and small professional customers that was top-class in terms of quality and service.

The latest new service initiative at the company is that they have chosen to become a certified installation partner in order to offer installation of Green Energy solar cell products for EUROPART.

Passion for quality

At the workshop, quality is a priority. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority. Everything from small vans, off-road vehicles and motorhomes to buses and trucks are serviced. The company’s 15 employees are all highly specialized in their field, for example, a hydraulics specialist is ready to help customers get back on the road quickly.

The workshop also has a Mercedes Sprinter, which serves as a workshop vehicle and transport vehicle to get help to the customer. A vehicle that also plays a major role in the workshop’s new function as an installation partner.

The workshop helps with everything from head vision to superstructure repair

As a natural part of the workshop service, they offer customers the statutory main inspection (HU), exhaust emission test (AU), safety inspection (SP), vehicle inspection (BGV, formerly UVV) and tachograph inspection, both analogue and digital, in accordance with §57b StVZO.

Repair and maintenance of brake systems, engine and transmission systems is also an important part of their service. Everything is carried out using modern testing equipment that supports the experienced staff in their troubleshooting, so the customer can quickly get back on the road. If the windscreen is cracked or the tyre is flat, the skilled mechanics are also ready to help you get back on the road quickly.

A clear choice to strengthen both the workshop and the customers’ green strategy

At the workshop, you don’t stand still. All staff undergo regular training to stay ahead of the curve and offer the latest methods and techniques. The latest step they have taken is to be certified as an installation partner of Green Energy products for EUROPART.

Oliver Böcher, technician at Green Energy, was involved in the certification of the workshop, where the aforementioned workshop trolley was fitted with a 220Wp solar panel set. Steffen Rieger, owner of Fahrzeugtechnik Rieger GmbH, comments on the certification and installation:

“We are actively working with new technologies to optimise workflows and achieve greater customer satisfaction. We heard about your products through EUROPART and realised what benefits it could bring, both directly by increasing reliability and becoming independent with power for tools in our 2018 Mercedes – Sprinter – workshop van and at the same time strengthening our offer to our customers with the certification. As a business owner, you are always looking for solutions that can improve your business, and this is an opportunity for us to achieve greater CO2 neutrality. In addition to the solar panels on the roof, the workshop van is equipped with a 3000 W inverter, so there is access to 220 volts in the van. With the two new 210Ah AGM Varta batteries, we are able to store the power from the panels. We look forward to being able to offer this new service to our existing customers and certainly expect to expand our customer portfolio with this offer.” Steffen Rieger concludes.  

Congratulations to Fahrzeugtechnik Rieger GmbH on the installation.

You can read more about the company here:

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