Green freight forwarding with solar cells on the roof

Braun Spedition delivers cooling transportation on an international level and now with solar cells on board

In 1969, Braun Spedition started their business and that became the starting point for the internationally renowned company we know today, who delivers solutions in transportation and logistics. Innovative solutions have always been a key point in the basic idea of the company, and it has now resulted in the installation of solar cells from Green Energy/MIPV.

Braun Spedition

Help from the sun during transportation on land

Transportation by land, air, and sea, as well as storage and logistics, are the focal point of the company. With a fleet of 280 semi-trailer trucks and cooling trailers, a lot of fuel is consumed and it’s here the flexible MIPV (Mobile Integrated PhotoVoltaic) solar cells plays a big part. 110Wp High Voltage solar panels are installed and hereby you’ll save fuel as you avoid idling as well as the life expectancy of the battery is increased considerably.

Braun Spedition

A choice for the benefit of the client and the bottom line

Choosing solar cells from Green Energy/MIPV is not a coincidence, are the words from Gerhard Braun, CEO of Brauns Spedition. “The flexible panels are a great solution for the vehicles. The reductions in both cost and environmental impact, is an important reason for choosing this product. It’s comforting for us as well as the freight of our clients that they are built for vehicles.” The flexible panels don’t get micro cracks, which is the biggest reason for overheating and fire in solar cells. The ultrathin plates give minimal wind resistance while driving. Mounted on the roof, the solar cells produce approximately 40% more than any other solar cell technology with an equivalent placement.  

On one of the company’s trucks, a Volvo FH model 2022, we installed a 110Wp High Voltage solar cell and the plan is, after a positive test drive, to mount it on more of the company’s vehicles.

We wish to congratulate Braun Spedition with the first installment and look forward to, in cooperation with EUROPART, to deliver solar panels for the rest of the freight forwarding company’s fleet.

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Braun Spedition