Green Energy solar cells ensure that the sales cars from Makita do not lack power

As a first-mover company in solar cell technology, we ensure that the sales cars from Makita are self-sufficient in electricity

When Søren Truelsen from Makita drives around Denmark to demonstrate the company’s many battery-powered tool solutions, he never needs to worry about power. He leaves that to the solar-powered solution the company has chosen to have installed on the demonstration car itself.

Søren, who has been an employee with Makita for around 4 years, has been driving with solar cells almost from the start, and the car has not once been charged from the electricity grid. There is always power in the batteries for the various machines, and the car starts every time.

sales cars from Makita and Søren

Green and secure solution

For us, as a company that focuses on battery-powered tool solutions, it is important that we can ensure that there is power on the batteries we use when we need to show customers our products, explains Søren. Ensuring that the power is green is crucially important, and moreover, with this solar cell product we are also protected against the potential risk of fire that comes with crystalline solar cells.

When Makita is attending an outdoor fair, the solar cells also power the stand. We can drive for a whole day, with the lights and equipment on, and that also generates curiosity on the part of visitors as it is important to me that I can show them that it is not just idle talk when I say the car is self-sufficient when it comes to power, Søren tells us. I make a big thing of telling customers and visitors that all the equipment gets green power from this solar cell solution.

sales cars from Makita
sales cars from Makita

Customised solutions

The car is fitted with 4 x 55 wp solar cell panels as well as a 30A MPPT charge regulator. Søren it has been exciting to contribute to the journey to find the absolutely perfect solution.

Makita Danmark is expanding yet another demonstration car with solar cells, so this is clearly the way forward. We are seeing a growing interest in our battery-powered solutions so it is only natural to think in terms of solutions that make us self-sufficient.  These days, the fact that a company has a green profile is something customers appreciate, and on top of that, the fact that we can save fuel because the car does not have to idle to generate power is an added bonus. 

sales cars from Makita
sales cars from Makita

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