Søndergaard & Svaneby works off-grid with power from solar cells

The carpentry company Søndergaard & Svaneby has got solar cells on the roof of the company car. It is good for both the environment and the budget

Back in 2015, two colleagues chose to join forces and start their own carpentry business. Driven by passion for quality and good service, the business grew steadily, and today it has 6 employees and 3 vehicles. The standard is still high, the portfolio is growing quickly, and the clients include everyone from public institutions, private homeowners to camping sites and holiday centers.  

carpentry company Søndergaard & Svaneby

Flexibility and a green profile

Søndergaard & Svaneby have chosen to install solar cells from Green Energy/MIPV.pro on the first of their company vehicles, which means they don’t have to worry about power for their tools and machines anymore. Regarding the question, why they have chosen to install solar cells on their company vehicle, the answer from the owners, Carsten Søndergaard and Michael Svaneby, is clear: “We have discussed it for some time and when the opportunity arrived, we took it. It provides freedom and flexibility. We don’t need to have a generator running to get power or draw a wire. The tools are charged through the solar cells. It’s not exactly good for the environment to have a generator running, and it’s costly as well. The car too starts without issues because the battery isn’t used unnecessarily.”

Intelligent system, high security

A 220WP solar panel is mounted with accompanying charge controller, a 2000W inverter that provides access to 220V in the car, an isolation relay with a deep-cycle battery on the car.
Read more about the intelligent charge controller here.

Green Energy congratulate Søndergaard & Svaneby with their new solar panel kit.

Read more about Søndergaard & Svaneby here: www.soendergaard-svaneby.dk

Note that you too can get solar cells on the roof. Reach out to your local EUROPART and have a talk about a solution best suited for your needs.

carpentry company Søndergaard & Svaneby